Sunday, September 27, 2009

Are Ed Drugs Really Needed in the Third World Countries?

There has been a lot of hue and cry regarding erectile dysfunction and its medications. A number of raging debates spur up here and there on the different facets of these medicines. There are many who argue that these drugs are a tinge too expensive for the common man. Then issues of safety, health, side effects and various other issues are held against the ED drugs. One such issue is that these drugs are not available with the offline chemists, baring a few of course. Now the one issue that I want to bring up is "Do we really need these drugs in this era of ever growing population".

In the third world countries like India, Bangladesh, or Pakistan the burning issue that is affecting their economy and development, is population. Population is the root problem that is holding back the economy and the over all development of these countries. Population is the main reason behind other grave problems in these countries like poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, malnutrition etc. Hence if the rapidly increasing rate of population can be halted, the other branching problems can also be tackled. But these problems as a whole completely plague these countries and cripple them.

Let us take the case of India. India has been tipped to become a superpower by 2050. But in this country and the others like it, the achievements and the success are very illusionary. The most important issue is that they are highly concentrated. In India it has been said that the rich are growing richer and the poor are growing poorer day by day. India is writing various success stories in every possible field. But the fruits of success are not being enjoyed by more than half the population. Because still a sizeable percentage of people in India are below the poverty line. Year after year the Gross Domestic Product and the Gross National Income of India are increasing. But still the results have not been as satisfactory as they should have been. The results always fall short of the target. India is developing but the ever growing population has made it impossible for the targets and the results to be compatible ever. And this is the scenario in most of the third world countries, but definitely more in India.

Population being the root cause of all the problems in the third world countries, every possible step should be taken to take control of this massive problem. Now here I would like to present a very unique point of view. Don't you think it's a boon that the erectile dysfunction drugs are not available everywhere at a cheap rate? If they were available like the other drugs at the chemists in the countries like India one could be pretty much sure that there would have been a sure shot increase in the rate of population growth. After all most of the people who are responsible for the increase of population are also illiterate. Hence they are pretty much unaware of the boons of a small family and its effects on the economy of a country as a whole. ED is a disease that attacks most of men at a certain age. Hence had the ED drugs been available like the mundane drugs, there is no doubt that they would have buyers in the form of these people who are otherwise below the poverty line. They might not have anything to eat but they would very well spend on the ED drugs, going by their urge of making love and breeding children.

Therefore it is not absolutely a bane that the ED drugs like Cialis pill are highly expensive and are not available easily available in such countries. Definitely the cures of all the diseases should be available in all the parts of the world but the unavailibity of Viagra, Levitra and Cialis drug can actually prove to be a boon to the economy of these countries. Well if you belong to an affluent society in any of these deprived countries and are going through ED, not to worry. You can very well Buy Cialis from the well reputed drug stores or can even buy cialis online from the reputed Online Pharmacies and can enjoy you days.....ooops... I mean the nights. Just remember to consult a Doctor before you actually order cialis!

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