Sunday, September 27, 2009

Troubled by Ed? How About a Permanent Erection!

An unsatisfactory erection can bring in various problems in the sexual life of a couple. At the first thought it is indeed strange that an erection can play such an important role in the lives of human beings. Erection is the pre requisite for any sexual intercourse. Definitely nowadays there are a number of other innovative ways that can be used for the sexual gratification. But this cannot be said to be a permanent way out of what we call erection dysfunction.

Erection dysfunction needless to say is the inability to get an erection in the first place and then the problem comes in maintaining the erection if there is some kind of erection also. The problem is such that it is extremely demeaning to man. It is a blow to the self respect of the person concerned that he is not being able to satisfy this very basic need of having sex. Impotence is also a very strong cause behind infertility. No wonders therefore that so much of hue and cry is made behind the issue of erection.

Erectile dysfunction is now in the clutches of medical science, much to the relief of the ED affected population. But have you given some thought to the fact that what if you get a permanent erection? Are the prospects exciting you already? The reality is however much different. Permanent erection can also be as bad as erectile dysfunction. Sometimes even worse than the latter. This condition when a person gets a permanent erection is referred to as Priapism in medical science.

Priapism, like many medical terms is derived from the Greek word Priapus. Priapus interestingly is the Greek god of fertility who apart from being extremely ugly had an extraordinarily large penis. Now I feel you can gauge the connection between Priapism and Priapus. Well, that is the legend behind the word. Coming back to the condition, priapism can also be extremely embarrassing and very painful. Even after a completely exhausting and fulfilling sexual experience, the penis refuses to settle down. Just imagine the condition of that person. What can be worse than an erect penis 24/7? The worst part is that the treatment for priapism can sometimes bring in the chances of erectile dysfunction in the concerned person. So what can be worse than the prospect of having permanent erections for some period and then reverting to erectile dysfunction? Recently in the US a man sued a health drink maker, as after having their drink, the man had permanent erection for 2 years! The treatment was such that pushed him into the ED risk zone. The law suit was just a natural consequence.

The treatment of priapism is a complex one but the invention of the oral ED pills has made ED treatment simple to some extent. Now people suffering from ED can buy cialis like drugs and get temporary relief for their ED. You can Buy Cialis online also but do not get lured by the Pharmacies selling Cialis at very cheap rates. Cialis drug is one of the best selling ED drugs in the market today.

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